I believe young children are absolutely capable and EAGER to learn music and it benefits them greatly to do so. Learning through play is the BEST WAY to solidify complex musical theory in a young child’s mind and heart.

I am certified by Let's Play Music to teach Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings. My studio is insured and I have completed my FBI Clearance. I can produce paperwork upon request.

My name is Judie Hall. I live and teach in Mesa, AZ. I have an incredible husband and 5 beautiful children. I love animals and own three dogs, a turtle, and some fish! (Don't worry, animals are not allowed in the studio at any time). 

I have been blessed with a musical education that began when I was 8 years old. I play and teach both the piano and the violin. I have 20+ years of musical teaching experience. I started teaching Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings Spring of 2019, but I have been involved with the company for 10+ years.



In Let's Play Music not only do we teach piano,  we develop sight reading, harmony, melody, and rhythm skills in such a way that children internalize these skills, and become talented!


After completing our three year curriculum, students are prepared to pursue private piano lessons or other instrumental/vocal instruction and will continue to demonstrate high musical ability throughout their lives.




The brain is wired for musical aptitude between the ages of 0 and 9, but fingers and letter skills are not ready until around age 8. A young child’s brain is not hard-wired and is actively developing circuits.  By age 12, brain is hard-wired making it much more difficult to learn.  We take advantage of this early exposure.