Your kiddos are learning SO quickly now! I am so thrilled with their progress! Remember that our ‘sol la ti do’ pattern is played on the lower case letter solfeg when playing on the bells. ‘Sol’ is the big red bell and then step up from there.

Within the next few months we will start enrolling for next year. If you have friends or family that you want on my waiting list, please let me know ASAP so I can get their information before I begin open enrollment up to the general public.

Also, the second year classes will be on Tuesdays at 3:30-4:20 and 4:30-5:20. The day/times are the same except 5 minutes longer, so I hope it works for everybody. Let me know if you would like to get permission to switch times. I just wanted to give you a heads up so we can get all situated for next year. Thanks!

What a fun lesson we had! Thanks parents for coming. The kids love it when you are here! Next week only students and homework comes.

Here are a few classroom reminders…

1. Be on time: If a student is consistently late, they will miss important exercises that will affect their musical training. (The key word is consistent, we are all human with stuff that happens, so just try your very best.)

2. Add your energy to class: Make sure you are participating right alongside your child. I can't do it all by myself. Well, maybe I could, but it's much more fun if everyone is having fun with me!

Lesson #3

Bug Rhythms

The song “Can’t Bug Me” is the foundational song for counting our rhythms. We'll be using these bugs for the rest of the curriculum. This will become second nature very quickly!

Lesson #1

Once again, we had a great week. I just love my 1st year students! They are smart and so fun. Just a reminder parents come next week!

The kids are very used to me by now and I hope, feel quite comfortable. I am starting to watch them more closely and can see that you parents are doing such a great job helping them. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for making their education a priority.

If you’re child isn’t quite singing on pitch yet, don’t despair, it will come. One of the best ways to get them to hear it is to have them sing. That is why in class I keep telling them to sing with me. Even if they aren’t right on they should sing, sing, sing. As nonsensical as it sounds, singing out loud is one of the keys to hearing it inside.

Lesson #2

Meet the Blue Bugs....enjoy reading about why we use rhythm syllables in Let's Play Music.

New Melodic Pattern

Today we learned ‘sol la ti do’ hand signs and notated them on the staff! We’ll be hearing, singing and signing this pattern a lot now. Remember singing our cadence patterns over and over again help us to sing in tune and aurally internalize the diatonic scale.

New Songs

Many new songs were introduced today. Within the next few weeks we’ll be learning complex skills and concepts from these songs. Things like: identifying rhythms and how to notate them, subdividing a beat, harmony using a round, recognizing a broken chord, playing and reading skips on the staff, and SO much more!

Our new songs from today included: Clickety, Clickety Clack, Can’t Bug Me, Old Paint, Rig-a-Jig-Jig, Johnny’s Haircut, How to Skip, and our new puppet show, Triumphant March. Every activity has a music lesson hidden inside and the exciting part is your student just thinks we are just PLAYING!! It's magical!


Grab a basket ball and use the Let's Play Music bugs to PLAY a game with the ball after you watch this video!

Have fun with reading this blog post on Old Paint! Also, we've added the coloring book for our Triumphant March. Enjoy coloring together!

Can't Bug Me!

It's fabulous how we are learning to ‘read’ bug rhythms from pictures - we mixed up the order of our bugs and they still clapped them correctly! That means that they are internalizing the rhythm of each bug. Fantastic progress!

Bill Grogan's Goat

Today we introduced a silly story about Bill Grogan's goat. If this tale seems strange to your child, check out this funny youtube video, which tells a longer story about the goat, including where he goes when he rides on the train and what he gets to eat when he meets the queen!